Welcome To Clippin Dogs

The aim of Clippin Dogs! is to provide a friendly caring service that owners can trust in. Each dog receives individual attention and time, to reduce stress dogs are given the chance to stretch their legs and relieve themselves during their stay and not forced to endure hours of standing on the grooming table (especially important for young, elderly and nervous dogs)

All breeds are catered for. Our services include a pre-groom health check, bathing, clipping, nail trimming and ear cleaning, a collection and delivery service is also available.

The salon is equipped with all the latest equipment which is cleaned and sterilised after each dog. Only the best quality shampoos and grooming products are used ensuring that the dogs always look and smell their best!


Call Now On: 01902451383 or 07778372658 or Email us at: clippindogs@aol.co.uk